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Silk Candelabra Centerpieces | p1 of 2
Silk Flower Candelabra Arrangements & Centerpieces

Silk Flower Candelabra Arrangements and Centerpieces.
Beautiful, Uplifting, Realistic Blooms To Enhance Your Home or Office Decor.

Bring the uplifting colors and freshness of the season into your home or office with any of The Silk Garden's beautiful, realistic silk flower candelabra arrangements and centerpieces. Perfect additions to your dining table, coffee table, buffet table or any surface in need of a beautiful focal point. Natural and stunning, our silk flowers are the closest thing you can get to real flowers...without the maintenance. Available in many colors and flower species, so you can coordinate your silk flower candelabra arrangements to suit your taste and decorating style.

Need a gift and not sure what to get? Consider silk flower bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces as beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

A colorful arrangement of silk flowers can be a bright and joyful birthday, anniversary or any milestone gift. As a housewarming or realtor gift, an arrangement of beautiful silk flowers is a cheerful way of welcoming the new person to the neighborhood or for saying thank you for your business. And what could be more thoughtful as a get-well-soon gift than an arrangement of uplifting silk flowers, fresh from the "garden." They require very little maintenance, they will virtually last forever and your well-chosen gift and thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.

If you'd like to include a Gift Message with your purchase, just indicate how you'd like it to read in the gift message box when you check out.
African Sunflower Candelabrum
See larger image
African Sunflower Candelabrum

Here's a sunny, cheery arrangement that's both practical and diverse. This African Sunflower Candelabrum provides a wide range of colors and textures. With a full 28" spread, eclectic mix of blooms, stalks and greenery and center glass candelabrum (candle not included), this arrangement makes an ideal showpiece and/or gift. Measures 28" wide x 6.25" high.

#4937     $59.95

Autumn Harvest Silk Arrangement & Candelabrum
See larger image
Autumn Harvest Candelabrum

Triple the candles, triple the beauty with three beautiful candleholders nestled into a bevy of autumn fruits, berries and foliage. It’s the perfect accessory for any holiday décor, from a dinner table to a bookshelf to a warm hearth. Also makes a thoughtful gift that will be welcomed in any home. Measures 30" wide x 9.5" high x 19" deep.

#4909     $99.95

Hydrangea Candelabra Silk Centerpiece
See larger image
Hydrangea Candelabrum Silk Centerpiece

A native of Japan, this lovely hydrangea arrangement makes the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table or kitchen counter. The unique pom-pom shaped flowers, surrounded by sparkling green foliage and bursting buds, create a sense of elegance and tranquility. A delicately designed candelabrum adds a nice finishing touch. Includes a glass vase for a candle but candle is not included. Measures 9" high x 18" wide.

#4632     $49.95

Silk Hydrangea Candelabrum
See larger image
Silk Hydrangea Candelabrum

This mixed hydrangea candelabrum, with its richly colored clusters of hydrangea surrounding a glass candle vase, makes a beautiful and unique centerpiece. Measures 14" wide x 7" high. Vase measures 5.75" w x 7" h.

#4758     $49.95

Poinsettia Candelabrum
See larger image
Poinsettia Candelabrum

Here's an exceptional take on the traditional candelabrum centerpiece - a poinsettia and pine design, with the candelabrum raised up high. The eclectic mix of holiday colors and textures include sprigs, berries and blooms, all surrounding a beautiful candelabrum with a stand. Light up your holiday table or mantle with this stunning piece for years to come. Measures 14" wide x 25" high.

#4951     $49.95

Birdhouse & Berry Candelabrum
See larger image
Birdhouse & Berry Candelabrum

Here's a holiday decoration you won't want to be without. This beautiful, elegant Birdhouse & Berry Candelabrum, with its deep red candelabrum and birdhouse-style housing, surrounded by pine berries, sprigs and pinecones, is a festive delight that will stay looking fresh for decades. Makes a perfect, thoughtful gift! Measures 19.5" wide x 15" high.

#4814     $69.95

Holly Berry Candelabrum
See larger image
Holly Berry Candelabrum

Candelabrums have been a holiday decorating favorite for years. And this classic Holly Berry Candelabrum is the perfect representation of the Christmas holiday season. With a beautiful, elegant candelabrum, centered amongst striking holly and berries, it practically begs to "deck the halls." Ideal for both home and office holiday decorating. Measures 16" wide x 6.5" high. OUT OF STOCK

#4818     $49.95

Snowball Hydrangea Triple Candelabrum
See larger image
Snowball Hydrangea Triple Candelabrum

Three times the beauty, three times the pleasure! This stunning candelabra consists of three separate candle holders (use votives or tea lights), surrounded by a lush bed of hydrangea. The hydrangeas are in different stages of bloom, giving you the entire spectrum of texture and color, and making this one of the most attractive pieces we offer. Measures 29" wide x 9.5" high.

#4806     $89.95

Silk Sunflower Candelabrum
See larger image
Sunflower Candelabrum

This stunning sunflower candelabrum, standing proudly at 16” tall, will dance with delight, whether there's a flickering flame present or not. Complete with an elegant metal stand. Looks great on a mantle, bookcase or as a beautiful table centerpiece. Makes a thoughtful gift for anyone on your gift list. Measures 20" wide x 16" high.

#4933     $69.95

Peony Hydrangea Candelabrum
See larger image
Peony Hydrangea Candelabrum

A candle makes any table or shelf a little warmer in feel. And surrounding that candle with a beautiful circle of peony makes it doubly so. The soft colors, lush berries and green leaves will create a heartwarming scene in any decor. Comes with a fluted glass center for your candle. Measures 16" wide x 6.5" high.

#4931     $59.95

Silk Sunflower Candelabrum
See larger image
Silk Sunflower Candelabrum

The sunflower, an especially bright flower, makes it the perfect companion to the delicate flame of a candle. This candelabrum consists of a beautiful glass candle holder surrounded by the bright yellows and greens of natures sunniest flower. Measures 17" wide x 7.5" high. Vase measures 4.5" w x 4" h.

#4905     $49.95

Magnolia Candelabrum Silk Flower Arrangement
See larger image
Magnolia Candelabrum Silk Flower Arrangement

The magnolia is the perfect flower when you want a soft, warm feeling in your home décor. This magnolia candelabrum, with its array of magnolia blooms, leaves, stems and berries surrounding a single candle holder, makes an ideal centerpiece, mantle or shelf decoration. Measures 14" wide x 6.5" high.

#4794     $59.95

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